The project "V - R efugees P rojekt 3 6 0 °" (working title) is a VR project in which the underage refugee children and adolescents present themselves and their life situation and in this presentation subjectively share the viewer or "user" with their experiences leaves.

In the VR scenes, the biographical stories of refugees are told through 360 ° shots. To different places, such as refugee homes, schools, shopping malls, and scenographically staged by refugees, the audience will immerse themselves in the perspective of newly arrived refugees, and from their perspective, experience these worlds - our worlds. You will experience the escape stories but also their current life situations subjectively.

My artistic project aims to establish a highly immersive VR environment and to explore the staging and presentation of cinematic narratives within it. In doing so, it is important to consider and explore several technical as well as scenario aspects which allow and maintain this immersion, which will be discussed in more detail below. (see destination)

Fears and fears of contact of "strangers" should be abolished through these subjective interactive experiences.

As the medium becomes immersive, the "users" will become part of this world and these worldviews, through these experiences and representations the viewer can develop better dealings and understanding and empathy and make the first step towards the intercultural dialogue.